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Instructor Spotlight: Cynthia Boudreau

Tamra Gentry

When you look at the exquisite nuno felted garments created by artist and instructor Cynthia Boudreau, it should come as no surprise to learn that she has been deeply involved in the world of textiles since early childhood.

Cynthia’s grandmother was a professional seamstress who made wedding attire and bridal gowns, as well as suits and coats, for an exclusive clientele in Chicago. Not only did Cynthia watch her grandmother design and sculpt garments by hand, she also had access to an exquisite stash of luxury fabric scraps from which she made fashion clothing for her dolls. She still has her “original” Barbie dressed in a sequined felt skirt and wrap—an outfit that bears a very strong resemblance to felting work she does today!

Though one might assume otherwise, Cynthia’s passion for nuno felting didn’t begin until she was close to retirement from her career as a school administrator. After years of weaving and sewing on the side, she took a felting class where she completely fell in love with the medium. She started out making scarves but quickly progressed to making yardage and garments. She was encouraged to apply for Fine Line’s Uncommon Threads: Art-to-Wear annual fashion show to which she was accepted and even won “Best in Show.”

Cynthia Boudreau's felting studio

Because others recognized Cynthia's incredible skill and talent as a nuno felting artist, she'd been asked numerous times about teaching classes. She finally approached Fine Line about the possibility and was warmly welcomed as a new member of the faculty. She now teaches a variety of felting classes that range from one-day workshops, to more intense study of the medium. You can register for any of Cynthia's classes on our website--here's what she's teaching this session:

Felted Notebook Cover

Floral Ribbon-Felted Table Runner

Needle-Felted Beret

Needle-Felted Hat or Vessel

Nuno-Felted Scarf

Shibori and Nuno-Felted Scarf

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