Camilla Krueger

Working with felt came late in my life. Trained as a musician, working a variety of jobs, after retirement I took a felting class. The process was magic! A few years and a few felting classes later, I entered my first art fair, selling hats, bags and scarves. Since then I’ve taken workshops with some terrific textile artists, entering work yearly in art fairs in the Chicago area. I create wearable art ponchos, vests, tunics, wraps and lots of hats. Materials inspire me: a piece of gorgeous silk can be a starting point. I love mixing colors; I shun solid colors. Making nuno felt is my go-to felt making technique. I love the pebbly texture that results from wool and fabric shrinking together. I love using 4-5 different fabrics in one garment, kind of a collage/patchwork effect. My clothes have irregular hems, my hats asymmetrical brims. I love making quirky folds in my still-wet felt hats.

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