Jane Cooper

When I started taking jewelry classes at Fine Line seven years ago, it combined my lifelong fascination with semi-precious stones with my love of art. I learned to saw, drill, hammer, mill, form and cast -- to create shapes and embellishments from flat sheets of metal and wire. Today, my starting place in designing jewelry is almost always with the stones. I see each piece of jasper, agate, fossil or crystal as a tiny work of art in search of a frame, or a miniature scene that can be expanded. I love the creative process -- and the end result -- and I am gratified when other people also appreciate my work.

Several of my most recent works are two-sided, with a piercing or cutaway of a flower, animal or geometric shape on one side so that the artwork of the stone is visible from either side, with the wearer choosing which side is the front and which side is their secret work of art.

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