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Reflections can be the musings of a contemplative mind or the mirroring of light or image. The reflective surfaces of handmade glass and the lens of a camera are the inspiration for this exhibit. The show will feature work in both photography and handmade glass that may take the inspiration for their creation from the idea of reflection.  Any artwork of handmade glass and photography may be enteredReflections can be the musings of a contemplatives.  Runway artists need to supply a 30-second video to introduce their work along with a statement of approximately five hundred characters, which provide insight into the methods used to create the work.  All artists should give a headshot to accompany their artist's statement.  The idea is to ensure we have enough information about the artist to create a full and wonderful image of the piece.  It has to be said that not all artists will realize the requirements needed to make this piece work.  We love