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Sculpture 3 - Point by Bill McGrath



Artist: Bill McGrath

Materials: Point is a vague omage to an exclamation point.  River rock, sealed to protect color is encased in a upper section of forged steel and rod and encased in a lower segment of cast iron and rod.  All steel is painted black.

Price: $4,500

Artist Statement:

I am drawn to shapes and patterns in nature, objects and built forms.  I attempt to understand their basic sense which can be a spatial presence or how the materials themselves relate to each other, and then reassemble those relationships by use of other materials.  This allows me to isolate and thus emphasize the patterns or impacts I see and use them to hopefully lure a viewer into visually immersing themselves in a piece.  This can also include the impacts of color or motion.  Success to me is a viewer wanting to take the time to "walk Through" a piece to observe what is happening within it, generally from multiple perspectives and to possibly extrapolate what they find to other objects they see later elsewhere in the world.  To me it is the essence of 3-dimensional work.