Dyllis Braithwaite - We Love What You're Wearing

February 15 - March 21

Dyllis Braithwaite was born on a dairy farm in New Hartford, Connecticut in 1927. The youngest of five children she learned to appreciate beautiful fabrics from her mother. After graduating from the University of Connecticut in Home Economics Education, Dyllis married and taught Home Economics at her alma matter, Gilbert High School in Winsted, Connecticut. A few years later, Dyllis and her husband moved to Barrington, Illinois where Dyllis managed Finn's Fabrics for a short time before purchasing the business and transforming the store into a fabric haven for the entire Chicago area. During the next forty years, Dyllis created her wearable art wardrobe, published two books about her work “Oh! I Love What You’re Wearing,” Volumes I and II and continues to turn heads wherever she goes. Dyllis possesses a legendary gift for selecting beautiful fabrics, creating wearable art and inspiring others to find their own creative voices.

On view will be 40 wearable art creations by Dyllis. Powerful colors, patterns and textures are mixed with dynamic garments to create a myriad of inspiring ideas.

Meet the artist on Saturday, February 15 (2-4 pm), when Fine Line will host a gallery reception for this unique artist.  During the reception (at approximately 2.30 pm), Dyllis will provide a talk about her work and answer audience questions.