Fine Line Prairie and Nature Area

The Fine Line Prairie and Nature Area tells the story of the prairie landscape. This recreated natural area shows us open space as it existed for millennia before the invention of the steel plow over 100 years ago. This innovation enabled farmers for the first time to cut through the tough roots of the prairie plants and make the land useful for agricultural purposes. The prairie began to rapidly disappear until less than 1% percent of naturally occurring prairie still remains.

In 1997, the Kazwick Family purchased the property and donated it to the newly created Fine Line Prairie and Nature Area Foundation. This new foundation joined the ranks of a movement of those interested in recreating the prairie landscape. The prairie and prairie plant beds were designed by Valerie Talapatra of Eco-Scapes and installed by the Natural Gardens of St. Charles. Spring and other seasonal maintenance is performed by Benjamin Luna of LBS Landscaping of West Chicago. Jim Manna, a Fine Line member, is responsible for keeping the grass around the prairie looking beautiful for which we are truly thankful.

The Fine Line Prairie contains a great variety of grasses and flowers that change constantly with the seasons. By viewing the beauty of the native plants and grasses as they reveal their blossoms or sway gracefully in the passing winds, we are refreshed and inspired to create artwork of our own.

About the Prairie

The Fine Line Prairie and Nature Area covers 5 acres- a 2.5 acre prairie landscape bordered on the north by beds of prairie plants and a 2.5 acre wetland and wildlife habitat. The parcel is bisected by a stream.
An annual newsletter, The Prairie Tapestry, is sent to members of the Fine Line Creative Arts Center and other interested people. Occasionally, speakers offer presentations on prairie related topics. If you’re interested in coordinating a speaking and/or field trip to the Fine Line Prairie, please contact

Fine Line Creative Arts Center classes have used the prairie as a resource for class materials, including basketry, paper making and textile dyeing. It also offers a beautiful site for plein air painting.

The prairie is now a part of Fine Line Creative Arts Center which is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) corporation. It is managed by a board of directors.