July Calendar


Below is our current calendar of events, classes and workshops for July. Our workshops are listed in red. Our classes are listed in green. If a class has multiple sessions, only the first session's date is listed below. These classes have a plus sign (+) after their title. Online class options have an asterisk (*) sign next to them. Events, including gallery exhibition openings, are listed in blue. Please visit the Kavanagh Gallery for further information on our gallery shows.


During July, our Glass Blowing studio is open for classes.  You can see all your options here.


7                      Summer Flower Fusion+

8                      Knife Forging+

8                      Exploration in Kiln Enameling

9                      Exploration in Kiln Enameling

9                      A Bunch of Books+

9                      New England Foot Stool

11                    Secrets of Pastel Painting+

12                    Beg. - Adv. Metalsmithing & Jewelry+

12                    Continue on With Nancy+

13                    Beginning Abstract Acrylic+

13                    Beginning Abstract Acrylic+

13                    Summer Fused Glass: Dealers Choice+

13                    Metal Clay from Nature+

14                    Design and Build It-Silver Jewelry!+

14                    Design and Build It-Silver Jewelry!+

15                    Sketching Outdoors+

15                    Summer Fused Glass Mosaics

16                    Indigo Studio 

16                    Beginning Weaving: A Quick Introduction+

18                    Fused Glass Jewelry: Wearable Art and Beyond+

18                    Intro to Sandblasting 

22                    Viking Axe Forging+

22                    Exploration in Kiln Enameling

23                    Exploration in Kiln Enameling 

23                    Open Workshop Thermofax Screen Printing

25                    Intro to Weaving for the Visually Impaired+

25                    Intro to Gold

29                    Welding for the Artist or Hobbyist+

30                    Dye Intensive: Working with Fleece