Member Spotlight by Month

Meet some of the wonderful people at Fine Line.  Each month we feature one or more members of our community.  Click on a month to find out about the person who was featured during that month.

Carol Kazwick 

Barb Dyche

July 2020

Susan Infante 

August 2020

Robin Schoenburg

September 2020

Alan Shontz

October 2020

Ellen Phillips

November 2020

Danuta Loane

December 2020

 Gabriela Guganovic

January 2021

 Carol Zack 

February 2021

John Abel

March 2021

Louise Grissinger

April 2021

Heather Winslow

May 2021

Jim & Kathy Manna

June 2021

Kim Haag

July 2021

Beth Duncan

September 2021

Cynthia Boudreau

October 2021

Cara Buono

December 2021

Jane Cooper Hong

January 2022

Matt Brej

February 2022

Nancy Krahn

March 2022

Karen Kloubec

April 2022

Amy Singer

May 2022

Annie Kordesh

June 2022

Kathy Steinbring

July 2022

Visually Impaired Weavers program

August 2022

Kay Lange

September 2022

Lisa Lockhart

October 2022