November Calendar


Below is our current calendar of events, classes and workshops for November. Our workshops are listed in red. Our classes are listed in green. If a class has multiple sessions, only the first session's date is listed below. These classes have a plus sign (+) after their title. Online class options have an asterisk (*) sign next to them. Events, including gallery exhibition openings, are listed in blue. Please visit the Kavanagh Gallery for further information on our gallery shows.

 2                      Plaids and Tartans - Online*+

 3                      Woodcarving - Beginner to Intermediate 

 4                      Crash Course in Design+

 5                      Smartphone Photography

 8                      Garment Design Lab+

 9                      Beginning Abstract Acrylic+

 9                      Beginning Abstract Acrylic+

 9                      Pop, Squish, Uh Uh, Compression+

 9                      Continue on with Nancy+

11                     Flower, Organic Shapes Forging+

12                     Serving Tray

14                     Twill - The Queen of Weaves+

15                     Lapidary Arts - Intro to Cabochon Cutting

17                     Woodcarving - Beginner to Intermediate

18                     Forged Hinges, Handles and Hardware+

19                     Product Photography for Instagram

19                     Open Workshop Thermofax Screen Printing 

19                     Fused Glass Ornaments

20                     David Roth in Concert

21                     Fall Fused Glass: Dealer's Choice+

21                     Continue on with Nancy+

22                     Beginning through Advanced Metalsmithing and Jewelry+

30                     Intro to Gold+






During November, our Glass Blowing studio is open for classes.  You can see all your options here.