October Calendar


Below is our current calendar of events, classes and workshops for October. Our workshops are listed in red. Our classes are listed in green. If a class has multiple sessions, only the first session's date is listed below. These classes have a plus sign (+) after their title. Online class options have an asterisk (*) sign next to them. Events, including gallery exhibition openings, are listed in blue. Please visit the Kavanagh Gallery for further information on our gallery shows.

2                         Open Lab Super-Sized+

2                         Chain Bracelet with Toggle Clasp+

3                         Sewing 2+

3                         Garment Design Lab+

3                         Continue On with Nancy+

4                         Needle Felting Fall Workshop

5                         Fun with Fluorescence

6                         Exploring Acrylic Textures

6                         Blacksmith Tool Making and Forging+

7                         Introduction to Acrylics+

8                         Exploring Acrylic Textures

9                          Beginning Weaving: An in Depth Approach+

10                        Knitting Socks on a Loom+

11                        Fall Succulent Garden+ 

11                        Introduction to Enameling in a Kiln+

12                        Exploring Acrylic Textures

12                        Opening Reception Not Your Mother's Quilt

13                        Fun with Fluorescence

13                        Paper Punch Earrings in Art Clay Silver

14                        Open Workshop Thermofax Screen Printing

14                        Indigo Studio

16                        Lapidary Arts - Intro to Cabochon Cutting

17                        Beginning Through Advanced Metalsmithing and Jewelry+

17                        Woodcarving - Beginner to Intermediate

18                        Needle Felting Fall Workshop

18                        Making a Pattern form an Existing Pattern+

19                        Fun with Fluorescence

20                        Forged Holiday Decorations+

21                        Experimenting with Oil and Wax

21                        Wine Basket

21                        Little Lanterns

24                        Twill - The Queen of Weaves+

25                        Bateman Weave Lecture

26                        Take Your Best Shot

26                        Exploring Chainmaille Weaves - Box Chain

27                        Handmade Paper with Natural Fibers+

27                        Welding for the Artist or the Hobbyist+

30                        Secrets of Pastel Painting+

31                        Woodcarving - Beginner to Intermediate


During October, our Glass Blowing studio is open for classes.  You can see all your options here.