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Sculpture 1 - The Other Side by Dan Caldwell


Artist: Dan Caldwell

Materials: Steel and Glass

Price: $5,500

In the modern world beset with borders, walls designed to control, define and separate, the artist much be a voice of reason.  This piece, titled The Other Side, constructed of welded steel plates and colorful fused glass, is designed to evoke a feeling of separating from others, but sill have a glimmer of colorful light/hope that breaks through.

Artist Statement:

Dan Caldwell, blacksmith, blade-smith and metal artist has been making metal move to meet his artistic vision for decades.  In addition to creating sculpture, he crafts custom knives, often using his own Damascus layered steel.  Currently, he also teaches at Fine Line Creative Arts Center offering classes in basic blacksmithing, knife-making and welding.

If you look around campus, you will find Dan's work - from the entry sign sculpture to the custom door handle on the barn.

See more of his work at