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Sculpture 2 - Small Patch of Poppies by Jennifer Meyer


SMALL PATCH OF POPPIESSmall Patch of Poppies

 Artist: Jennifer Meyer

Materials: Found Metal Objects

Price: $2,400

It doesn't matter where, poppies just like to hang out together.


My work with found objects as a sculptor is the same as my work with clients as a licensed clinical professional counselor.  Just because something or someone has been used, discarded, abandoned or rejected does not mean that there is no longer any potential or value.  Often what is needed for recovery is a little time and attention to construct a new perspective so that a renewal may emerge.  This is my life's work with objects and with humans.

Each of my sculptures is a reincarnation of many purposeful past lives.  My approach in creating public art is to invite the viewer to reflect upon what we consider discards and to perhaps be more thoughtful about personal reuse.

I have been creating found object sculptures for over a dozen years.  During that time I have displayed a variety of settings including public art displays both temporary and permanent.  My goal is to continue this experience until I have no breath left.