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Sculpture 5 - Quarks VI by Guy Bellaver


Artist: Guy Bellaver

Materials: Fiberglass and Steel Rod

Price: $8,000

An abstract, mixed media piece representing energy.  The fiberglass segments are painted bright blue and the steel rod is painted black.

Artist Statement:

Quarks VI is a sculpture in Mr. Bellaver's Quarks Series, a collection of seventeen sculptures begun in 2007, exploring energy in all its forms.  Each piece (inspired by images from collisions at Fermilab's Tevatron Particle Accelerator which were captured by a very high resolution camera) explores the energy of mass that is exploding and creating disintegrating arcs.  The fiberglass segments represent mass, and the rod represents that mass exploding from one area into another.  This sculpture series continues the artist's career-long exploration of the relationship of positive to negative space, and the energy of the interaction.

The color palette of Quarks VI piece is a bright, joyful blue.  This vibrant color allows the sculpture to clearly differentiate and utilize both its positive and negative spaces, and to add color to the prairie environment.