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Sculpture 6 - St Olaf of Norway by Richard Light

ST. OLAF OF NORWAYSt. Olaf of Norway

Artist: Richard Light

Material: Bronze

Price: $10,000

To honor the patron saint of Norway, I combined the aesthetic qualities of Alberto Giacometti with the more intense facial features and anatomy found in the work of Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland.  it is St. Olaf's thoughtfulness, stoicism, and steadfastness in following his ideals that are portrayed in this piece.

Artist Statement:

I am inspired by the Agora, the gathering place, both ancient and modern, and all it embodies.  The Agora was the central marketplace in ancient Greece and was the root spring for philosophy, religion, government and art for the society.  It was from this that the archetypes of the Greek myths, their gods and goddesses, and their heroes came.  Using the ancient Greek Agora as inspiration, I look for archetypal forms of humans and animals that have withstood the test of time.


Summary:  Richard Light, a fine art bronze sculptor for 25 years, has won numerous awards including the bronze metal at the Salon de la Societe des Artistes Francais, the largest art show in France.  He specializes in commissions for churches, parks, monuments and memorials and also provides design consultation on urban parks and other public spaces.  His sculptures are owned by museums, municipalities, private collectors and corporations around the world.  Currently lives and works in Kalamazoo, Michigan.