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Sculpture 7 - Sea Glade by Cathy Perry


Artist: Cathy Perry

Material: Steel

Price: $5,500

The sea grasses sway at the mercy of the ocean breezes.  The underwater sea grass dance to the tune of the changing tides.  Seasons are reflected even in the sea grasses that live in the sea.  These seasons are replicated in the red hues of Sea Glade.  The ever-changing motion of the sea grass as the tide dictates its rhythm is shown in the lines and variations of edges in Sea Glade.

Artist Statement:

The dynamics of a domestic environment, cycles of the natural world, and portrayal of childhood are explored through the use of plant materials captured in bronze.  Natural materials I use for the bronze casting are in a specific state of transition such as the verge of bloom, at full flower or going to seed.  The work represents growing up on a farm in southwestern Kentucky with my mother and five sisters.  It is connected to family life which cycled through many generations of traditions.  Sticks, twigs, and pods found in nature are woven together using different techniques to portray my memories of these experiences.  My childhood memories with five sisters on the family farm, and the transition to a single parent family are expressed through this body of work.