Sons of the Never Wrong

At the Kavanagh Gallery

March 5, 2022 


SONS OF THE NEVER WRONG is a turbo-charged Altfolk trio from Chicago that delivers witty, whimsical songs with their signature soaring vocal harmonies and gorgeous arrangements. In case you’re wondering, they’re 2 gals and a fella: Bruce Roper, Sue Demel and Deborah Lader. Their odd ball humor and spontaneous stories ignite their live shows and have earned them a cult-like international following for close to 30 years. Combining influences of folk, jazz, pop and rock, their sound is wildly original, their energy is contagious and their banter is hilarious. 


Click the button below on Saturday, March 5, at @ 7 PM (CST) to watch the show.


Donations are accepted.

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This event has been made possible, in part, by a donation from the Mary C Adrian Memorial Fund.