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Uncommon Threads 2017: Art-to-Wear Show

Uncommon Threads 2017




Date October 15th 2017

Location Q Center in St Charles IL

Information regarding application

We have changed our system of receiving applications.  All applications must be submitted on line using our new application system. Please follow the link below. 

Apply Online with our NEW Show Application system

Once you have logged on you will see there are two application forms. 

If you are applying as a runway artist please use the following application

you will be given options regarding accessories/booth option as the end.

If you a Fine Line accessories booth or an individual booth please use this application





Participation is open to all one-of-a-kind wearable art in any fiber-related media. Work represented must be an original concept and executed by the artist. All items must be for sale. Each artist must submit 5 images.  Please include images of four different garments along with one detail or close up shot of image # 4 as your fifth image. Images need not be of garments to be shown, but must represent the fiber media you intend to submit.Images must be of work completed in the last two years.  Jurors will select work based on originality and runway suitability. When designing garments, please give some thought as to how they will look on the runway. Notification will be sent via mail by mid- June.  Only garments in the media selected by the jurors will be accepted for the runway; e.g., don’t send handwoven items  for the runway if your application images were of knitwear. The Committee reserves the right to make final selection of garments to be included on the runway.  All accepted runway artists can send additional garments or wearabel accessories to the accessories area of the show.  Vendor booths are an additional charge is available


Fine Line Accessories Area Artists 


All work exhibited must be a wearable accessory of original concept and executed by the artist. No copies   are  eligible. We define accessories as special items that enhance a wardrobe such as scarves, shawls, jewelry, purses, hats, belts, etc. Items for sale in the Fine Line Accessories Area must be priced below $250 (does not apply to Vendor booth artists). The Fine Line Accessories Committee will make final selections of work to be used in the show. Submit five digital images, showing the quality and type of work to be exhibited. 


Vendor Booths 

A limited number of 10’x10’ booths are available. Space swill be allocated by the Fine Line Booth Committee with all decisions final. There is no limit to the number or price of items for sale. You, or your designate, must man your own booth and be responsible for your own inventory



All entrants will pay one fee of 25.00 regardless of the options they are selecting. 


Runway Artist                                                                               Jury Fee $25.00

Runway Artist and Fine Line accessories booth artist                 Jury Fee $25.00

Runway Artist and Vendor booth   -                 Jury Fee $25.00 and $40.00 booth fee

Vendor booth -                                                   Jury Fee $25.00 and $40.00 booth fee


Uncommon Threads Raffle

One of the major elements of Uncommon Threads is the annual raffle.  Fine Line will again be creating a brochure with photographs and descriptions of the prizes, which is mailed out to both Fine Line members and non-member.  If you wish to participate please see link below. 

Details and Form


Frequently asked questions

How many pieces are needed for the runway?  Runway artists will each have 3-5 pieces on the runway

Are there size restrictions for the items?  No you do not need to make anything to fit a specific size.

Do you accept Children's/Menswear?  No, all items for the runway must be women's apparel.

Do I need to provide base garments for my items?  You do not need to provide any base garments to accompany your pieces

Does all work have to be for Sale?   Yes all work must be for sale. Fine Line retains a 35% commission on all pieces sold. Please make sure you consider this commission when pricing your work.

Is my work insurance while in Fine Line's possession?

Work will be insured while in the possession of the Fine Line. Artists are responsible for insuring their work while in transit. Booth Artists are responsible for insuring their own work and do not have a price limit.



all images submitted must be available to be used any and all upcoming publicity for the show.



6-1-17     Deadline for application form 

6-30-17    Latest date that Fine Line will notify accepted artists

9-20-17 Deadline for receipt of all garments and documentation for Runway

9-27-17  Deadline for receipt of work and documentation for Fine Line Booth

10-15-17 Uncommon Threads Event

10-19-17 Deadline for pickup of Runway garments and Boutique items.






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