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Uncommon Threads 2018 - Runway Artists

The work of twenty artists will grace this year's runway show.  Each artist collection will consist of 3-5 items.  As well as many returning artists, this year will see the work of three new artists, Magda Bowen, Ellen Grenier Bevill, and Alice Van Housen.
Click on the artist name to reach their website.  A link to the artist's website is only available for artists who have provided this information to the Fine Line Creative Arts Center.


Cynthia Boudreau
Cara Buono
Lynn Caldwell
Susan Infante
Eve Kovacs
Laura Lamplough
Kay Lange
Beverly Livermore
Pat Rued
Lorraine Torrence Katherine Tutcher Alice Van Housen Susan Waldron

Click on the links below to find out about our boutique booth artists and our boutique Fine Line artists.

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