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Uncommon Threads 2018 - Fine Line Boutique  Artists

The Fine Line Boutique area is a collection of artists. Some are based out of state and are therefore it is not practical for them to travel for this one-day event, while others are just beginning their artistic journey and are not yet equipped to have their own booth.   

Click on the artist name to reach their website.  A link to the artist's website is only available for artists who have provided this information to the Fine Line Creative Arts Center.

Betty Carbol
Barbara Dyche
Janet Falk
Sara Keatzer
Jane Miller
Laura Nicholson-Tom
Marianne Picha
Linn Sorge
Heather Winslow
Cynthia Boudreau
Susan Infante
Eve Kovacs
Laura Lamplough Cheri Reckers

Click on the links below to find out about our boutique booth artists and our boutique Fine Line artists.

Click here to the see this year's runway artists

Click here to see this year's boutique area booth artists

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