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Carol Zack


Explore the Secrets of Pastel Painting! Choose your best soft pastels or oil pastels and enjoy some quality time creating pastel paintings with instructor led expertise. Pastel artist, Carol Zack, will guide you in learning pastel painting techniques that includes an underpainting, layering the pastel, painting with values, creating edges, mixing color and developing texture. Instructor led critiques and best practices for presentation are emphasized. A great class for beginners to advanced painters. Instructor provides lots of one-on-one coaching. A very user-friendly medium to try.

Supplies: You may choose one type of pastel to work with:  Will it be Soft Pastel or Oil Pastel?

Supplies needed for both types of pastel listed here:
Roll of paper towels - Bounty or Viva - Grocery Store
1 Piece of Foamcore to use for a drawing board – Hobby Lobby
1 Pkg. of Wet Ones for cleanup - Mejier
1 Plastic banquet table size tablecloth – Mejier or Target
Roll of cream colored or white colored  masking tape – Dick Blick
1 White Vinyl Eraser – about a dollar  (will be used for a blending tool)- Office Supply, Mejier
1 Portfolio to store your artwork/paintings Dick Blick or Hobby Lobby
2 Some Glassine paper to lay over your painting when it is in the portfolio -  Hobby Lobby

Oil Pastel Supply List
: (Contact Carol Zack at for complete list.)
1 set Mungyo Gallery Soft Oil Pastels, set of 48 –about $41.00.  Pick up at The Fine Line Store
Optional - Holbein small set of oil pastels – about $50-60.00 for a set 15 at the Wheaton Dick Blick listed under my name at the register.  (These are the best oil pastel and therefore the most expensive.)
1 Weber's Res-n-gel Quick Drying Extender Gel – about $10.00/tube.  Pick up at The Fine Line Store or order from Dick Blick,  Item # 20093-0489 – $10.24.
1 Sennelier Oil Pastel – 1  Jumbo White Stick  - Dick Blick in Wheaton
2 Holbein Oil Pastel - 1  stick of Magenta and 1 stick of Indigo  Dick Blick in Wheaton  
Oil Pastel Papers: Arches Cover, Rives BFK, at Dick Blick or  Canson Mi Tientes papers can be purchased at Hobby Lobby.  (Do not purchase oil pastels at Hobby Lobby).

Soft Pastel Supply List: (Contact Carol Zack at for complete list.)
1 set of Soft Pastels are easier to find in the local Dick Blick Stores. Soft Pastel Brands: such as Sennelier, Unison, Schmiekie and Terry Ludwick. Soft pastels are preferred over hard pastels. Hard pastels such as Rembrandt can also be used with sanded papers only.
3 Soft Pastel Sanded  Papers: Assorted brands of Sanded papers and boards - Dick Blick
1 Unscented mineral spirits or Gamosol (small bottle).Dick Blick or Hobby Lobby

Note: It is important to have dark pastel colors other than black, so depending on the set you purchase, you may find that you will need some additional colors from another brand that will give you the really dark colors that are needed in a pastel painting.

Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Mondays: April 17 - May 22; 1pm - 4pm ;
Class ID: 217115550
Class Price: $190
Member Price: $165
Materials Fee: $0

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