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Linda Bingle


This beginning polymer clay class will teach you the basics of this endlessly versatile medium. We will work in black and white plus one color. You will learn the characteristics of ploymer clay, how to properly condition and bake it, how to make Skinner blends and simple canes, and how to make a pin or pendant using the techniques you have learned. More as time allows.

Supplies: Instructor will provide but bring if you have them: Glass or smooth tile work surface, minimum 3"x3", clay- dedicated paste machine and table clamp, basic polymer toolkit: stiff clay blade, flexible tissue blade, needle tool, soft brush, acrylic roller, steel ruler, paper towels, wet wipes, wax paper. Clay will be provided.
Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Tuesday: June 27; 1pm - 5pm ;
Class ID: 217247020
Class Price: $85
Member Price: $60
Materials Fee: $15

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