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Gale Trausch



Adult class 18+

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate painter, this class will demonstrate and/ or review the watercolor medium. The instructor will help you with a varied assortment of ideas and subject matter. Join us on a path towards your own personal style using color, light and nature. A basic lesson on matting your watercolor will also be included.

Supplies: All watercolor paper is provided. Please purchase or bring the following supplies. The theory is "buy the best you can afford" BUT keep the quantity low until you know your favorite brushes or colors. Brushes: 1 lg. wash brush (round or flat), 1 1/2" oval wash brush, one #2 or #3n round brush, one #6 or #8 round brush. Paint: Buy small tubes of watercolor paint. The 6 colors listed or a set if it includes most of the colors: ultramarine blue, indigo, cad. Or lemon yellow, burnt sienna, cad. Or quin. Red, olive or sap green, white gouache (opaque watercolor), foldable palette or plastic palette, roll of paper towel, small natural sponge, water container, artists or masking tape, sketchbook, 2H drawing pencil, HB drawing pencil
Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Tuesdays: Sept 5 - 26; 6pm - 9pm ;
Class ID: 217314990
Class Price: $135
Member Price: $110
Materials Fee: $10

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