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Heather Winslow



Adult class 18+

In this class you will make a small version of a double corduroy rug, bag, bathmat or pillow. This 4 shaft weave structure uses wool weft to produce floats which you will cut as you weave to create a lush pile rug. The pile can be varied in length, cut or uncut, and colors can be blended and placed wherever desired. This is a simple, flexible, and very effective rug technique that all weavers should know. Because it is loom controlled, it is faster than rya knot pile.

Supplies: boat shuttle, 2 rag or ski shuttles, 1 spool 8/4 carpet warp (any color - shows only in hem), about 2 pounds rug wool for pattern weft.
Recommended Text: Techniques of Rug Weaving - Peter Collingwood
Location: The Barn
Days: Mon., Wed., Fri.,: April 9, 11, 13; 9am - 5pm ;
Class ID: 218127270
Class Price: $245
Member Price: $220
Materials Fee: materials will be purchased in class

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