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Karen Johnson


Practice drawing butterflies using specimens from the instructor's collection. Learn their anatomy and useful tips for drawing them accurately. Then paint one in acrylic on canvas and enjoy their beauty all year long.

Supplies: sketchbook or drawing paper, pencils, eraser, ruler, pencil sharpener, tracing paper for the first week Optional: magnifying glass, camera 2-8" x 10" (or similar size) gessoed boards or canvas (one will be for practice), shallow plastic container with lid-at least 5" x 7" (used for palette for paint), paper towels, water container, a couple of small plastic containers to mix paint in, mister, sponge or rag, brushes-(2", 1", #12 & 4 flats, #0 & 4 rounds or whatever acrylic brushes you have that can do detail), acrylic paint-(some suggestions: titanium white, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow light, aureolin yellow, permanent rose, cadmium red light, quinacridone magenta, burnt sienna, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, indanthrene blue, hookers green). If you have a favorite palette, you're welcome to bring those colors.
Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Wednesdays: August 29 - September 12; 12:30 - 3:30 ;
Class ID: 218314000
Class Price: $115
Materials Fee: $0

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