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Gale Trausch


This class is either a review and an extension for those who have painted before OR a continuation of Watercolor 101. (See class listing above.) Most students will have had some painting experience in any media. We plan to introduce more advanced and more challenging techniques and subject matter while still aiming to perfect our own personal style in this beautiful medium.

Supplies: Please purchase or bring the following supplies*: 140 lb. Watercolor paper- a few sheets, a block, or pad to the first class. There will be some samples for you to try before investing in more expensive paper. Watercolor brushes ONLY: please ask at an art store IF you are not sure OR save your receipts in case you need to return them.  1 large wash brush ( flat)  1 either a #2 or a #3 round brush for detail  1 - 1/2 oval wash brush  1 either a #6 or #8 round brush (synthetic ok) Watercolor paints: Bring what you have if you have any tubes that are still workable (not hard) A basic set is perfectly ok. I just would NOT recommend paint from Walmart or a discount store. Coupons for Michaels or Hobby Lobby are great for paint sets.  Otherwise you will start out with the following colors:  Ultramarine blue, Cadmium or lemon yellow,  Cadmium or quinacridone red,  Indigo,  Burnt Sienna,  Olive or Sap green, 1 small tube of White gouache (opaque watercolor) 1 covered or foldable palette (needs a lid) 1 roll of paper towels 1 water container (large yogurt containers work well) 1 roll of artists or masking tape Your sketchbook Pencils: 1 each 2H and an HB drawing pencils. 1 or 2 fine or extra fine permanent black marker sharpie is fine, faber castell or Pitt *PLEASE NOTE: If you are unsure of what to purchase, bring pencils and your sketchbook to our first session as I will go over all supplies at that time. There will be some paper, brushes and limited paint colors for you at that time until you purchase your own.
Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Tuesdays: October 23 - November 13; 6pm - 9pm ;
Class ID: 218314190
Class Price: $140
Materials Fee: $20

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