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Lynn Caldwell


Learn new braids or braid for the first time. In this class we will cover setting up a maru dai for braiding, winding bobbins, reading diagrams and more. Beginners will start with 8 bobbins, experienced braiders can move up to 16 if desired. Experiment with color and texture to create one of a kind braids! No experience necessary. Please bring a maru dai, tama and counterweight if you have one. Please indicate if you will need to borrow equipment.

Supplies: Bring to class a Marudai stand and 8 bobbins (if you have them), scissors, chopstick or knitting needle, counterweights/bag equaling approx. 4 bobbins, and note taking materials and a beading needle. Task lighting and magnifying glasses optional. Please indicate if you need equipment
Recommended Text: Beads and Braids by Jacqui Carey.
Location: The Barn
Days: Thursdays: September 13, 20; 10am - 1pm ;
Class ID: 218321060
Class Price: $95
Materials Fee: $20

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