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Heather Winslow



To advance beyond beginning level, a weaver must understand weaving drafts and twill structure. In this class you will plan and execute a project of your choice in twill - calculate warp sett, width, length, and yarn requirements; design a weaving drawdown; learn weaving shortcuts and finishing techniques. After completion of this class, you will be ready to design your own projects and move into other weave structures. This is a good class to take after Introduction to Weaving or as a refresher if you haven't woven for awhile.

Pre-requisite -have set up a loom at least once.

Supplies: Scissors, tape measure, calculator, note taking supplies, tapestry needle, graph paper. Materials Fee will be determined by your chosen project.
Recommended Text: Learning to Weave- Deborah Chandler
Location: The Barn
Days: Saturdays: October 27, November 3; 9am- 5pm ;
Class ID: 218327710
Class Price: $180
Materials Fee: $0

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