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Dan Caldwell



Come make a Viking Belt Ax with a decorative functional wood handle. We will forge weld the ax blade and study traditional forging/heat treatment. This 2 day class is designed to be challenging to the intermediate and advanced blacksmith/bladesmith.
Learn the basic tools and techniques used in AX forging and handle work. Some attention will be given to various Viking carving motifs used to decorate the wood handle. We will explore different types of processes used to produce functional historic axes such as the pole, tomahawk/throwing and boarding ax.

Prerequisites: Prior blacksmithing, knife/metal forging classes or the instructor's consent. Must be 18 years or older. This class requires physical activity. Only people with good wrist, arm and leg function should attend. Note: If your forging skills are rusty or it's been a while since your last blacksmithing class or practice, I recommend you take one of the forging classes prior to this class.

Supplies: Bring to class a favorite hammer if you have one, pair of leather work gloves, safety glasses, comfortable leather work-shoes or boots (no sandals), cotton jeans or pants (no sweats or cuffed pants), note taking materials, water bottle and bag lunch. You will be getting dirty so dress appropriately.
Location: Blacksmithing Studio
Days: Friday and Saturday: November 16, 17; 9am - 5pm ;
Class ID: 218341240
Class Price: $205
Materials Fee: $30

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