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Dan Caldwell


The padlock was important to the Vikings to help protect valuables and plunder. In this class learn how to make a 10th century style Viking lock. You will learn the historical techniques of forging and fine finishing steel to produce a lock. We will be working with files, chisels, saws as well as hammers, using the same process as the Vikings would have used. Note: class is limited to 4 students.
Prerequisites: At least 2 Blacksmithing classes or instructors consent. This class requires good hand, arm and shoulder strength. You will be standing for long periods so good leg mobility is required. Bring to class: Safety Glasses, All leather gloves, leather shoes or work boots, cotton, shirt and jeans, (no synthetics). Optional leather apron.

Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Fridays and Saturdays: Dec. 7, 8 blksm. Studio; Dec 14, 15 jewelry studio: 10am - 5pm ;
Class ID: 218341340
Class Price: $320
Materials Fee: $25

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