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Gabriela Guganovic


You may have heard about ISO, aperture, shutter speed before and you know they control the exposure. How do you know when to use which option- and why? During this course we will map out the key factors of exposure that will guide your decision making process so that you always know what to do and how. It will help you master shooting in manual mode and creatively select the best exposure setting for making the photograph you want. If you are familiar with you camera controls and need more challenges, or previously took Getting to Know Your Camera Course, this class is for you.

Supplies: Participants are requested to bring their cameras and camera manuals, also to have their assignment images printed.
Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Wednesdays: February 20 - March 20; 6pm - 9pm ;
Class ID: 219116900
Class Price: $175
Member Price: $150(check your newsletter for discount code)
Materials Fee: $0

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