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Mary Merges


This is a 2 day class for beginners and intermediate with little or no experience working in stained glass. You will learn to pattern, cut, solder and refine pieces for hanging. 2 projects will be completed in the class. You will receive a box of instruments needed for this class, this included in your materials fee. S If you have your equipment, please bring them with you. For those with previous experience with cutting glass, you may want to bring in a pattern of your own to create or finish. Patterns will be available to choose from. This is a copper foil method class.

Supplies: Each student should bring a notebook, pencil, old apron or oversized shirt, pair of scissors and a 24 x 24 inch piece of ceiling tile which can be purchased at any hardware store, and a pack of ball-tipped pins, and a lunch.
Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Friday and Saturday: March 22, 23; 9:30am - 3:30pm ;
Class ID: 219134020
Class Price: $155
Member Price: $130(check your newsletter for discount code)
Materials Fee: $60

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