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Dan Caldwell


Learn to make and forge your own tools, as well as heat-treating processes and tool steels. In this workshop, we will explore different forging processes used to produce functional tools. This class requires hammering and other vigorous physical activity. Only adults with good wrist, arm, shoulder, leg and hand/eye function should attend. Very long hair should be braided or worn back in a ponytail. Must have taken Beginning Blacksmithing before signing up for this class.

Supplies: Bring to class a pair of leather work gloves, leather apron (if you have one), safety glasses are a must, comfortable leather work-shoes or boots (no sandals), cotton jeans or long pants (No shorts, sweats, cuffed pants, Nylon or polyester anything), note taking materials, water bottle, and bag lunch. You will be getting dirty so dress appropriately. All other supplies and materials will be provided.
Location: Blacksmithing Studio
Days: Friday, Saturday: April 5, 6; 9am - 5pm ;
Class ID: 219141030
Class Price: $205
Member Price: $180(check your newsletter for discount code)
Materials Fee: $40

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