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Susan Wilson


Every weave structure is defined by its own threading and treadling, but there is no "law" that says we have to weave in the traditional manner. In this workshop learn how familiar pattern weaves can be dramatically altered by treadling in the manner of other weaves, e.g. Bronson lace, and by using special treadling methods, e.g. polychrome, boundweave, swivel. Students will choose one 4-shaft weave structure (overshot, summer and winter, or crackle) with which to explore many treadlings on their own looms. Complete instructions for weaving samplers of all three structures will be provided. Information on applying these treadlings to 8-shaft threadings will be covered on the third day. Intermediate level - students should have some experience with pattern weaves and know how to read a draft. 4-shaft loom required. Loom preparation instructions and materials list will be provided for distribution to participants well in advance.
Lecture - approximately 6 - 8 hours of lecture time is distributed throughout the workshop. The 3-day format allows for significantly more on-loom time, as well as additional lecture time on multi-shaft applications. Information packet - provided by instructor. Contains information handouts, drafts and drawdowns, charts for recording treadlings, and a bibliography. Sufficient information will be provided so that students can complete their samplers at home and independently make samplers of the other weave structures. On-loom sampling - students will work on their own looms at their own pace, with individualized instruction as needed. Reference materials - numerous projects and samples will be available for students' reference.

Susan Wilson received the HGA Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving, Master Level, in 1990, with a specialty in crackle weave. Her book, Weave Classic Crackle & More, was published in 2011. Susan?s articles have appeared in Weaver's, Handwoven, Complex Weavers Journal, and Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazines, She has and taught workshops throughout the U.S. and at several Convergences and regional conferences. A weaver for more than 45 years, Susan enjoys pattern weaving, sampling to explore woven structure, and creating household textiles and clothing accessories.

Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Fri - Sun: April 7 - 9; 10am - 4pm ;
Class ID: 317110230
Class Price: $435
Member Price: $410
Materials Fee: $0

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