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Marji Purcell



Students learn how to draw and color beautiful original patterns with radial symmetry and blended color harmonies in this four hour workshop. Mandala, is Sanskrit for circle. These patterns are meditative to draw and color. Simple drawings bloom into mirrored patterns. Color pencils add highlights and depths to the designs. The instructor will demonstrate every step of the process, including ways to use original design in paper products or home decor.

Work Process 1. Introductions and Overview. 2. Demonstration: Mandala slide show and design. Simple segment drawings include natural or abstract geometric forms. Sketches form the basis for the radial designs. 3. Photocopies or scans of the segments will be combined to create original mandala (kaleidoscopic) patterns. 4. Successful color blending is taught in simple steps. 5. Work period: Two hours. 6. Final positive critique with brief slide show of ways to utilize finished mandalas.

Supplies: Students should bring: Color pencils, 24 count or more. Instructor will supply: paper, templates, color wheel handout, pencils, erasers, Pigma graphic pens.
Marji Gates Purcell is a retired Visual Arts Specialist (Illinois certified) with 36 years of teaching experience from preschool to senior citizens. She was a Grade K-5 Art teacher in Glen Ellyn School District 41 for 29 years. In 2008 Marji found a storybook cottage in Wheaton and made it her home and art studio. Her primary artistic medium is polymer clay, though she also draws with color pencils and makes hand-painted paper pictorial collages. She teaches workshops ranging from 4-hour beginner?s experiences in polymer clay, drawing and collage to intensive 5-day Translucent Polymer Clay Window Mandala workshops.

Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Saturday:May 13; 1pm - 5pm ;
Class ID: 317110330
Class Price: $120
Member Price: $95
Materials Fee: $3

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