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Nan Roche



In this two day class we will be exploring a number of techniques in polymer clay that are inspired by asian art surfaces. The effects are lucious and complex while the techniques are remarkably simple. Layered clay will be impressed with textures and sliced off to resemble Chinese lacquer, textured clay will be topped off with gold leafing foil and sanded down to reveal the gold impressed textures. We will also use some of my antique Japanese molds to create raised surfaces using a repose technique. A variety of jewelry pieces will be created. You will also learn sanding and polishing techniques and how to use rubber cording for finishing necklaces. We will be working in Premo brand clay.

Supplies: Students should bring: Work surface, pasta machine wioth clamps and a block of wood to attach to table, burnishing tool, large spoon and bone folder, tissue slicing blade, pin tool, ball stylus, acrylic rolling pin, small metal knitting needles, small hand drill with #37 drill bit, a small amount of corn starch and fluffy makeup brush, texturing sheets and rubber stamps, terry towel, paper towels, old credit card or hotel card for a scraper, gold gilding foil, hair clip if you have long hair, notebook and pen, baby wipes, hand cream, various small cutters (round, square etc.), tissue paper or deli wrap, ziplock baggies and a small box to carry clay home in. Bring if you have: buffing wheel, eye protection, dremel cordless mini drill, heat gun, cordless Ottlight, acrylic paint in earth tones for antiquing, raw umber, burnt sienna etc. I will supply: Wet or dry sandpaper, 220, 320, 400, 600 grit, sanding basins to borrow, buna rubber coating, extra drill bits, extra course texturing sandpaper, extra tissue paper, extra cornstarch, extra bladed, extra foil, texturing sheets and molds to share, buffing wheel.
Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Saturday, Sunday: July 15 - 16; 9am - 4:30pm ;
Class ID: 317120260
Class Price: $345
Member Price: $320
Materials Fee: $10


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