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Latala Michael


This workshop is designed to help you work through the limitations of producing a piece of art from a photo along with suggestions on finishing a painting that has a promising start! So if you have a photo that you'd love to paint or have started a painting from a photo that you just can't seem to finish, let me work with you to produce a painting that yoou can treasure!

Supplies: Bring EITHER Oils or Pastel- you DON’T have to bring both. PAINTS *any brand unless otherwise stated* Titanium White, Cad. Lemn, Cad. Yellw, Medium Raw Sienna Alra, Permanent Ultramarine Blue or Prussian Blu, Ivory Blac, REMBRANDT Burnt Umber, REMBRANDT Permanent Red Medium PAINT THINNER Gamsol or other brand of odorless thinner BRUSHES Bristle brushes #2,4,6,8,10 a few of each, flats or filberts (optional) Rosemary brushes Series 279 Masters Choice Long Flats ( I order these from Wind River Arts) I have sizes 2, 4 and 8. PALETTE KNIFE Bring 1 with a blade at least 2" long CANVAS stretched canvas or canvas panel no smaller than 11"x14" no larger than 16"x20" SOFT PASTELS (Bring what you have. Soft sticks of pastels are preferable. At least 60 with a mix of both warm and cool colors) I have sets of the following brands: Rembrandt, Unison, Sennelier and Terry Ludwig I use some dark warm NuPastel sticks (253-P, 273-p and 353-p) PASTEL PAPER Ampersand pasteboard in grey no smaller than 11"x14" no larger than 16"x20" OTHER 2 sticks of Medium Vine Charcoal and sand paper pad 1 roll of Viva paper towels Small hand held Mirror palette to mix paint on portable easel If working in pastel, a board to put your paper on and masking tape or clips to attach paper to board also experiment with disposable gloves to protect your hands. Any questions about this supply list, please contact Michael at
Chicago artist Michael Latala expresses the natural beauty he sees in the world around him through his deft handling of materials such as oil paint, pastels and charcoal. His landscapes, still life, figurative and portrait work offer a fresh and seemingly effortless symphony of color. After receiving a Associate of Arts degree in Advertising/Design from the American Academy of Art, Michael has had a successful career as a storyboard illustrator working on staff at Draft FCB and Ogilvy & Mather, two of Chicago's largest advertising agencies. Pursuing his love of painting, he's studied with Scott Burdick, Dan Gerhartz, Romel De La Torre and Richard Schmid. Michael strives to achieve the overpowering beauty of those artists whom he most admires and continue to inspire him such as Nicolai Fechin, John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla and Anders Zorn. Michael is a member of: -The American Impressionist Society -Master member of Chicago Pastel Painters -Oil Painters of America -Pastel Society of America -Portrait Society of America -Skokie Art Guild He's currently represented by River's End Gallery in Elm Grove Wisconsin See more about Michael at:

Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Saturday: March 24; 10 AM - 5 PM ; date is incorrect in the printed schedule
Class ID: 318110210
Class Price: $125
Member Price: $100
Materials Fee: $25

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