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Mary Ann Narveson



Everyone has a story to tell and figurative sculpture is an exciting way to bring your story into art.  This day-long workshop will begin with a short discussion and demo of methods which will insure successful composition. Next, each participant will launch into creating clay figures representing a significant moment in each artist’s life, whether serious or tall-tale worthy.  Mary Ann has a reputation for dispelling worry and anxiety and creating a supportive environment in the clay studio.  Anyone who has ever made a mud pie is welcome in this workshop.

Supplies: 15 lbs clay and your favorite tools.

Tools:  Instructor has basic tools to share.  If you have your own sculpture tools, you may bring them. Your own two hands are the best possible tools

Artist’s Statement

     As an artist I have been making figures and creatures in clay for 37 years.  My work has been propelled by my fascination with the stories we tell ourselves as a society and as individuals.

     This gleeful obsession with story began with creating familiar folk symbols with a whimsical twist:  the fall pumpkin on wheels, the Thanksgiving Turkey figurine wearing pearls and high heels, a rotund Santa sporting mauve Bermuda shorts and a green and yellow polka-dot shirt.

    37 years in the arts brings experience, if not wisdom, and a heart-felt acknowledgement that many of our stories are not comedies.   When I create a figure representative of a serious story, I seek to create self-recognition and empathy in the observer.

      The majority of my works are coil built.  Building with coils gives me freedom to build any size figure with extreme control, as the piece evolves slowly.  I prefer matte surfaces, with non-functional glazes.  Lichen, Bead, and Crawl are the names of my favorite glazes.  Often the surface of my work alters between unmarked clay and strong color washes.

     My goal is that the viewer find my work approachable.  If it does not elicit a smile, I would hope the viewer finds room for himself in the narrative.  We are at our best when we listen to each other.  My works are my stories.  Tell me one of yours.

Location: Kavanagh Building
Days: Saturday: November 10; 9 AM - 4 PM ;
Class ID: 318140110
Class Price: $125 
Materials Fee: $25

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