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Dempsey Gallery

In the early years, before the Kavanagh Building existed, all of our shows and even some of our classes and workshops used to take place in the Dempsey Gallery located on the south end of the second floor of the barn. Denise Kavanagh, Fine Line foundress, named it after Lawrence Dempsey who so generously donated the barn and its almost four acres of land to the School Sisters of St. Francis.

After closing the upstairs to the public, we moved our display area to the first floor, adjacent to the shop and renamed this area the Dempsey Gallery. In it we display and sell the work of our Fine Line members.


Dempsey Artist of the Month - July 2017

Mary Merges

Mary has been a flat glass artist for 22 years. Her fascination with natural light and its effect on glass color and texture has bee the focus of her work. From the simplest sun catcher to a large window,  Mary believes that stained glass opens a world of beauty and color to our lives.

stop by and see her work





Dempsey Artist of the Month - April 2017

Susan Infante

Susan is a fiber artist and surface designer who enjoys working with natural textiles and recycling vintage kimono silks. She gains inspiration for her work from frequent travel to France and Asia. Her one of a kind artwear has won awards and been published in Threads Magazine and Simplicity Pattern Company. She is a member of American Sewing Guild and Haute Couture Chicago.

Stop by the Dempsey to see her work.



Dempsey Artist of the Month - March 2017

Dorie Blankenship

Starting at a very young age, Dorie was introduced to knitting by her monther.  It has remained a passion eversince,  Through knitting Dorie has learned to work with a wider scope of fibers.  Needle felting and wet felting have opened the door to the endless possiblities that can be found when working in these fibers.  

The Dempsey gallery has a range of works created by Dorie, stop by and see what this artist creates. 



Dempsey Artist of the Month February 2017

Claudia Engel-Rush

Born in Europe into a family of artists, Claudia was surrounded by an array of art mediums, from the visual arts to music. Living and learning in three different countries and cultures brought together a variety of perspectives and ideas. Claudia says, “Art has been a driving force in my life”. Claudia builds on the interplay between form and function in creating her pieces.  Claudia works in silver and occasionally gold. Her work is inspired by nature, and she is always looking to create new pieces, you will not fine two identical pieces of Jewelry

Stop by the Dempsey Gallery to see works created by Claudia.  All work in the Dempsey Gallery is for sale and unlike the work in the Kavanagh Gallery can be taken home same day. 




A call for artists is continually done throughout the year. All entries are juried by the Dempsey gallery committee. We've been showing members' work in the Dempsey Gallery since 2006.Each month we will be highlighting the work of one of the Dempsey Artists.  The artist is chosen by the gallery committee.  

If you're interested in completing an application, please view our Dempsey Call for Entries.  If you have any questions, please contact Annie Kordesh at

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 5 PM
Closed Sundays