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Equipment Sales

Used Equipment for Sale at Fine Line – January 2017 

The Fine Line has some surplus used equipment for sale.  Here’s your opportunity to upgrade or add to your equipment at bargain prices. 

Floor Looms 

Sievers floor loom – 36” weaving width X 4 harness X 4 treadle with one reed and set of lease sticks.  Price reduced to $250.

 Leclerc Artisat folding floor loom – 36” weaving width X 4 harness with one reed, set of lease sticks, and sectional warp beam.  Price $500

 Table Loom

None currently available

 Spinning Wheels

Ashford Traditional with 4 bobbins and a floor stand distaff.  Price $350


Leclerc Niddy-noddy which makes 1yard skein.   Price $15

Other Equipment

 Boat, ski, and flat shuttles –various sizes – misc brands.  Priced from $12

Threading hooks. Various prices.

 Loom Benches.  Priced from $150.  Contact Dan for availability and descriptions.

 New/Demo Equipment Available

 Fine Line is a dealer for Louet, Glimakra, Leclerc, Harrisville and Schacht weaving looms and related equipment.  Currently available for immediate delivery are:

Schacht Baby Wolf folding floor loom – 26” weaving width X 8 harness

Louet Jane table loom – 15.75” weaving width X 8 harness

Louet Spring floor loom – 36” weaving width X 12 harness

Louet Megado computer controlled loom – 27” weaving width X 32 harness.


Contact Dan at the email address or phone number shown below for special pricing on these introductory or demo models or for a quote on other new equipment.   

For more information, contact Dan or Heather by email at DRWHLW@AOL.COM or by phone at (630)466-4245.  Visit The Fine Line retail shop to view and purchase these items.