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Equipment Sales

Used Equipment for Sale at Fine Line – June 2017

The Fine Line has some surplus used equipment for sale.  Here’s your opportunity to upgrade or add to your equipment at bargain prices.  

Floor Looms 

Leclerc Artisat folding floor loom – 36” weaving width X 4 harness with one reed, set of lease sticks, and sectional warp beam.  Price reduced to $450. 

Ahrens & Violette (precursor to AVL) Production model mechanical dobby floor loom - 48” weaving width X 16 shafts.  Equipped with single box fly shuttle system, inserted eye heddles, and built-in bench.  Price reduced to $1200. 

Table Loom 

Leclerc Dorothy – 15.75” weaving width X 4 harness with one reed.  Price $225 

Spinning Wheels 

None currently available 

Spool Racks 

Leclerc spool rack with 40 spool capacity and thread guide accessory.  Includes 39 styrene spools.  (two available).  Price $225 each. 


Leclerc 36” long with ½” spacing.  Can mount in loom beater in place of a reed.  Price $20

Other Equipment 

Boat, ski, and flat shuttles –various sizes – misc brands.  Priced from $12 

Threading and sleying hooks. Various prices. 

Lom Benches.  Priced from $125.  Contact Dan for availability and descriptions. 

New/Demo Equipment Available 

Fine Line is a dealer for Louet, Glimakra, Leclerc, Harrisville and Schacht weaving looms and related equipment.  Currently available for immediate delivery are:

Schacht Baby Wolf folding floor loom – 26” weaving width X 8 harness

Louet Jane table loom – 15.75” weaving width X 8 harness

Louet Spring floor loom – 36” weaving width X 12 harness

Louet Megado computer controlled loom – 27” weaving width X 32 harness.


Contact Dan at the email address or phone number shown below for special pricing on these introductory or demo models or for a quote on other new equipment.   

For more information, contact Dan or Heather by email at DRWHLW@AOL.COM or by phone at (630)466-4245.  Visit The Fine Line retail shop to view and purchase these items.