Artist's Calendar

This Calendar provides a quick overview of upcoming deadline dates for our gallery shows, Uncommon Threads (our annual fashion extravaganza), and Christmastime at Fine Line (our Christmas show).  




05/02/2021 - Deadline to apply for Fanciful Expressions

05/22/2021 - Notification to artists for Fanciful Expressions


06/07/2021 - Deadline to apply for Uncommon Threads 2021

06/29/2021 - Pick up day for Sculpture at the Kavanagh

06/29/201 -  Drop off day for Fanciful Expressions


07/11/2021 - Deadline to apply for Small Wonders

07/24/2021 - Notification to artists for Small Wonders


08/14/2021 - Pick up day for Fanciful Expressions

08/31/2021 - Drop off day for Small Wonders


Applications due for the Artisan Gift Sale, Christmastime at Fine Line - DTBD

10/12/2021 - Pick up day for Small Wonders