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Carol Zack



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This favorite long running class continues to captivate beginners and experienced pastel artists alike. Emphasis is on learning "Alla Prima" painting techniques and direct application with the pastel. Archival techniques for painting and framing your work are also emphasized. Work from photos, a still life or plein air using artist's quality pastels and paper. Please follow the supply list for choosing either oil pastels or soft dry pastels. Plan on critiques after every class designed to support best practices and a fast path for success with award winning pastel artist Carol Zack.

Supplies: There are two separate supply lists to choose from. Choose either the supply list for dry/soft pastels or choose to follow the oil pastel supply list. It is not required to have both types of supplies for this class.

Supply List for Oil Pastels: (Choose one Professional quality set of oil pastel)

1. Mungyo Artist's Soft Oil Pastels - set of 48 (recommended for new students) Approx. $22.30 (Some set are available to purchase in the Fine Line Yarn Shop) (Do not order "academic" quality)

2. Sennelier OIl Pastels - set of 24 or more (oilyist of best artist quality oil pastels) approx $46.08

3. Holbein Oil Pastels - set of 25 or more (Best professional quality) Aprox. $108.95

4. 1 Jumbo White Sennelier Stick

5. 1 Small Holbein "Darkest Indigo" Stick

6. 1 Small Holbein "Darkest Magenta" Stick

7. Heavy Duty Printmaking papers like Strathmore 11" x 14" or 18" x 24", or Rives BFK, or Arches Cover 22"x 30" (paper cutter in class room for custom sizing)

8. A tube of Resngel by Weber or Grumbacher Approx. $13.79

9. A roll of tan or white masking tape 3/4"

10. A #2 pencil

11. A plastic Banquet size Table cover

12. A roll of Viva, Bounty or blue shop Paper Towels

13. A package of WetOnes - Alchohol based for cleanup

14. White or Black Foam Core to use as a drawing board

15. Sheets of Glassine to protect your work between classes 1

16. Blenders called Smdugers Tortillions for blending oil pastel

17. A straight edge razor blade or old credit card for scraping oil pastel

18. Your digital phone with camera

19. A inexpensive paper portfolio to protect and carry your paper and paintings

20. A good size canvas satchal to carry your supplies to and from class.

Supply List for Soft/Dry Pastels: (Choose one Professional quality set of dry pastel)

1. A Set of Sennelier soft pastels - Box of 26 or more

2. A Set of Unison soft pastels

3. A small bottle of Gamosol

4. A 2" wide utility flat brush

5. A #2 Pencil

6. Foamcore drawing board that slightly bigger than your paper (approx 18" x 24")

7. Sanded Art Papers 400grit like UArt or Art Spectrum Fine Tooth to paint with your pastels or Pastelmat 19" x 27" (Paper Cutter available in classroom)

8. Masking Tape - tan or white

9. 1 plastic party table plastic table cover

10. 1 pkg. Blending Tools i.e. tortillions

11. 1 inexpensive paper portfolio to carry your paintings to and from class

12. 1 carry-all satchall to hold your supplies to and from class

13. 1 small plastic long tray to use for a pallett

14. Some WetOnes, alcohol based for cleanup

15. Your Cell phone with a camera
Recommended Text: The Pastel Journal Magazine
Location: Kavanagh Building
Class Price: $175
Member Price: $150
Materials Fee: $0

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